Android Makers 2018 Key takeaways

May 17, 2018 – Renaud Boulard – 10-minute read

Android Makers is the largest Android event in France, organized by the PAUYG and BeMyApp. This year the event was held in Le Beffroi de Montrouge - what a great place to enjoy a conference. There was much more space than the previous Android Makers event: we were really comfortable, with all we needed to be fully focussed on the conferences.

Below are some key takeaways of these 2 days of great conferences.

Modern Android development

Romain Guy & Chet Haase, Google, Video

They gave us a big overview of the improvements of the last few years to Core Android development, from the view (ConstraintLayout) to the programming language (Kotlin) through the architecture, the tools and more.

Key takeaways:

Travelling across Asia - Our journey from Java to Kotlin

Amal Kakaiya, Deliveroo, Video

A talk about their switch from Java to Kotlin at Deliveroo

Key takeaways:

Better asynchronous programming with Kotlin Coroutines

Erik Hellman, Hellsoft, Slides, Video

Good starting points if you have never used Coroutine, Erik told us about coroutines, and how we can use them to end up with simple code looking like the excerpt below for async calls:

load {
} then {

Key takeaways:

Design Tools and Handoffs

Design Tools and Handoffs

Taylor Ling, Fabulous, Slides, Video

During his talk Taylor answered a really good question What should a developer expect from a designer?

He divides his answer into 5 different parts:

He turned the question the other way around What should a designer expect from a developper

Themes, style & more: from zero to hero

Cyril Mottier, Zenly, Slides, Video

Overall a really great overview of theme, style, text appereance and more. He explained how you should write them and organize them in your project. If you don’t feel confident with this part of the Android sdk, I definitely recommend that you watch this presentation.

Key takeaways:

Theme API version

Remote-control your application

Stan Kocken, Dashlane, Slides

Stan gave us his feedback on how they manage remote configuration of their Dashlane app, without need of a new release on the store. He told us about five main concepts:

ADB, Break On though To the Other Side

Eyal Lezmy, Quonto, Slides

As I’m not a fan of “Magic programming”, it’s always interesting to understand how the tools you use work. This presentation about ADB was an in-depth understanding of how ADB works under the hood.

Key takeaways:

Typesetting: desiging and building beautiful text layout

Florina Muntenescu & Nick Butcher, Google Typesetting, Video

Big overview of all the Typesetting you can include in your app

Key takeaways:


android:firstBaselineToTopHeight: Distance from the top of the TextView to the first text baseline. If set, this overrides the value set for paddingTop. android:lastBaselineToBottomHeight: Distance from the bottom of the TextView to the last text baseline. If set, this overrides the value set for paddingBottom.

Gradle in Android Studio 3.2 3.3 and beyond

Bradley Smith & Lucas Smaira, Google

This was a good overview of how Gradle and Android Studio work together. They highlighted the pain points and explained to us why it’s slow sometimes.

Key takeaways (new upcoming features):

Project structure Dialog

What’s next (Utlimate goal):

Tools of the Trade

Ty Smith, Uber

He gave us a big overview of how the Android team work at Uber, and the tools and architectures they use.

Key takeaways:

It’s quite impressive to see how many open-source libraries Uber have shared with the Android community:


This year Android Makers regroups 816 people, including 82 speakers and it was organized by 34 organizers. Thanks to them and all the sponsors who make this event possible! We will definitely come back next year. You can already buy your ticket for Android Makers 2019!

As always, it’s good to meet the android community and learn from other developers. This year the event became more international - I only saw one talk in French, all the other talks were in English. It was great to see that we have a conference in France that is attractive for the Android community!

See you next year!

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